Why you should purchase a Rice Cooker

If you are yet unaware of what rice cookers are and what they can do, you are being left out on a major asset of technology. If you have cooked rice you would know how technical the whole process is. One small mistake or neglect can be detrimental to the rice dish. Even the experts cannot get it perfect each time. With rice cookers, you not only get the perfect rice dish every time you use it, it is also a great help in cooking many other dishes. Are you still unsure if you need a rice cooker in your kitchen? Here are 5 top reasons why you definitely need one:

Cook Rice like a Pro!

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are having a tough time cooking rice! Despite how simple it may sound, rice is a difficult ingredient to cook. The amount of water and the timing need to be precise or you will end up with an undercooked or overcooked dish. With rice cookers, these two factors are catered very intelligently. It provides with a comprehensive guide and markings for the amount of water to add for each type of rice. As for the timing, an internal temperature gauge measures exactly when the rice is done and automatically switches the setting to ‘warm’ until you are ready to be served.

So Much More than Rice:

If you are thinking: why buy an appliance that just cooks rice? Let me tell you, besides cooking all the different types of rice perfectly, rice cooker can also be used to cook any other dish you want. You can cook all types of grains for example quinoa, millet etc. besides rice and grains, you can use it to prepare desserts, beans, stew and much more.

Cook And Steam Together:

If your rice cooker comes with a steamer basket, you can steam vegetables by adding them to the basket towards the end of the cooking cycle. This way you will be able to prepare a complete meal at the same time and without dirtying any extra utensils.

Keep warm setting:

Another great advantage of rice cookers is the ‘keep warm’ setting that they offer. Rice cooker buyers guide & many more can describe you all features which which you get. This setting allows you to hold the rice at the perfect temperature and freshness until you are ready to serve it. Unlike conventional cooking, you don’t have to reheat the rice before serving. This option also eliminates any chances of the rice getting burnt while reheating.

Easy Clean up:

If you cook rice the conventional way, how many times has the water boiled over and spilled over the stove top. Probably lots of times especially if you’re like me and forget things on the stovetop.  Rice cooker cooks food in a contained environment without any risks of spilling or splattering in the surroundings. This means that at the end of the cooking process, you are just left with one utensil to clean: the rice cooker pot. No need to clean the counter or the stovetop as is the case with conventional techniques most of the times.